by Adam Davey

On Thurdsday 2nd May, TNA Impact held a press conference from the Exhibition Centre in Glasgow.

In attendance was both Jeremy Borash and TNA President, Dixie Carter. The reason for the whistle stop tour to Scotland was to announce a first for wrestling in the country - a live taping for TNA on foreign soil that was going out "live" (well on a time delay of a few hours).

Not only this but the event was being held at the yet to be opened Glasgow Hydro venue, which made this a triple "first" - first live event from the Hydro, for TNA outside of the US and the first time the Hydro had held a wrestling event.

All in all, some big announcements for both TNA and the Scottish wrestling fans.

However, this was not the biggest news. for my money, that came out of the event.

Q&A with Dixie

As part of the announcement, the audience were invited to ask Dixie questions.

As with many fan based press conferences, the questions were of a mixed quality and fairly obvious in the main (you know the type - "Whats your favourite TNA moment etc"). Each of these questions was answered with a enthusiasm and a collected manner, even if she had answered them a thousand times before at every press interview she has done.

However, there were a few questions that stood out.

First up was about the onscreen persona of Dixie. Would she ever reconsider reinventing herself as "Miss Carter" in the same way that Vincent Kennedy McMahon became "Mr McMahon"? The reason it stood out was the reception it got from the crowd (who loved the idea) as well as the answer that was given - it was largely ignored! Maybe, she just didnt care for the question but my hunch in the way she avoided it, suggest to me that there might be something in the off! But this answer was only a prelude to the other question that merited an uncharacteristic answering style.

Someone asked Dixie about which star she would like to see return. 

Unlike every other question (bar the Miss Carter one above), the cool, calm and collected response went out of the window. Without a moments pause, Dixie blurted out "Christian Cage". The answer was given with a real passion and excitement - it was like a school girl telling a friend a secret that they couldn't hold in any longer. 

She talked about how Christian was part of the TNA family and how he was welcomed back (and enjoyed) his brief appearance at last years Slammiversary.

But other than the delivery of the answer is there anything else to this suggestion?

What has Christian been up to lately? For starters, he hasnt been on WWE programming since July of last year - 10 months is a long time in wrestling, especially in a promotion that has never valued him as a star. Yes, he won the World Heavyweight Championship but does anyone truly believe that he would have been in this position if it wasnt for his good friend Edge retiring? Yes, Christian was over and talented (and had paid his dues for that matter) but the way he was booked by WWE showed that he was not someone who was respected by management.

Will he ever get another shot in WWE for the top titles? Theres more chance of the Brooklyn Brawler taking the streak, in my opinion.

Reports have stated that he has been fit for some time, so other than being at Wrestlemania Axxess, do we truly believe that he is happy to sit around doing nothing? 

What of his greatest opponents? Well Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray have just had a World Title match in a variation of the infamous TLC match. Surely this is tailor made for the Cage Coalition to return to save TNA from the Aces and 8s?

The next Impact PPV is Slammiversary, which is coincidentally 60 days after the last sighting of Cage in WWE (at Axxess). Add to that the excited Dixie response, the protagonists of the World Title scene, a 60 day no compete clause, the complete lack of direction within WWE and I would suggest that the stars have aligned for the Cage Coalition to make its way down the ramp in Boston on June 2nd. 



Christians Peeps
05/06/2013 6:21am

I really hope that you are right about this. Been away from the ring for too long.

Todd Grimes
05/06/2013 6:36am

Why would Christian want to leave WWE and go back to TNA?

05/06/2013 10:04am

Todd, Christian hadn't been on WWE tv since July . He hadn't got a massive amount of time left in his career, he may not want to spend that collecting a pay cheque for doing nothing!

If he is contracted to WWE then he'd need to negotiate an early release, but as he isn't considered a huge star by management this could be possible.

Todd Grimes
05/06/2013 11:53am

Do you think that WWE would stand in his way? I just cant see it happening.

Jay Reso
05/06/2013 1:50pm

Christian back to TNA would be AWESOME. That deserves a 5 second pose (for the benefit of those with flash photography of course)

Dr Gregory House Md
05/06/2013 6:06pm

I could be wrong but is Christian not contracted to December ?.

I've got to say, and bear in mind I'm a huge Christian fan, I think he would be a horrific signing for TNA at this point in time.

At 39, he probably has what, another 3-5 viable years left as a performer, he's injury prone, and frankly TNA don't need another 40+ ex-WWE guy, bearing in mind that many of the one's who are there already are considerably bigger draws than him, the only demographic that Christian would appeal to are TNA's hardcore fanbase who remember his last run there.

On top of this, (this is just speculation) as a former world champion, who's been in WWE a considerable amount of time I doubt he would come cheap, TNA could probably land a couple of indy guys for what they'd pay Christian.

Honestly, I think WWE's recent signing policy should be putting the fear of god into TNA, the indies is no longer their exclusive market, if there response to this is to re-sign Cage (particulary if he can't get early release from his contract and they are just ring-fencing money until February next year), then I think they are woefully misguided.

IMO TNA should forget about Cage and take steps to sign up guys, lets just say for arguments sake, Ricochet and Uhaa Nation, and I have no doubt TNA could get both these guys if they were willing to part with the money they'd use for Cage, TNA could sell themselves as the alternative, let word of mouth spread that they have a guy who can do a double moonsault or a 6.0ft 250lb powerhouse who can do a shooting star press, I think these would do a lot for the company than boasting they have 4 of the 6 guys who were in a TLC match 10 years ago.

Finally I'll just say again this is coming from a guy who loves Christian.

Gordon Sumner
05/07/2013 3:45am

If this happens, I will eat my hat. MY HAT GODDAMMIT!

05/07/2013 8:56pm

I believe this has been in the pipeline for quite a while and is the main reason as-to why he hasn't been on TV now he's 100% fit. His deal is believed to be up in December. He's always come across as a TNA guy out on loan, they were the ones who truly recognised his headlining talent when others did not and I don't think he's ever forgot that. I'm sure he let her know the score when he did Slammiversary last year. He was only here for 3 years but regardless of how long he spent in the E, TNA is just his natural home. I've missed the Instant Classic, and I'm sure he has too.

Jonny Blank
05/07/2013 9:55pm

This is on! Christian will lock the Cage and take down Aces and Eights!

Adam Copeland
05/08/2013 3:54am

I hope my boy Jay gets back to TNA where they can utilise him better. WWE are wankers for misusing him like they did.

02/21/2014 6:12am


04/19/2014 11:42pm

Please Christian!!! get one more match you deserve it!! go Tna and proof it for PEEPS!!!! become Nwa worldheavyweight champion once again..


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