If it worked in 1998 surely it will work in 2013?
What? Huh? Could it be?! Oh my gawd it is! They're back! It's them! It's the V2 Wrestling Podcast! Will your ears ever be the same again?!

Good day one and all, welcome to another edition of the V2 Wrestling Podcast. As ever we will be discussing the big, little and completely unimportant issues from WWE and TNA. And some Hero's Headlines too. Chris “Pretty Boy” Wilkerson, Gavin “The Brain” Duenas, Richard “Hero” Hudson and Adam “D.A.V” Davey are back on the airwaves and back on form once again.

We have had TNA building to one of their four PPVs as Slammiversary approaches in two weeks, whilst WWE threw the rulebook out of the window on Sunday as the first post 'Mania PPV Extreme Rules was presented for us all.

And don't we have a lot to discuss. Frustrations come pouring out on TNA before Adam can join us, leaving Impact Wrestling without it's main bastion of defence. With only four PPVs a year has TNA really done enough to build for this event?

WWE showcased its night of hardcore, but was it worth it? Fans of logic will be glad to hear the booking unquestioned, but where is WWE going in the coming months?

Finally, we have a quick Dean Ambrose discussion before botching our ending about 5 times. The “bonus material” showcases a rare breakdown in professionalism and is NSFW/young ears. Although I think I bleeped out my incredulity over the vegan's fish nitpicking. Dolphin Ziggler 4eva!!!!

Part One

Part Two

Bonus Nonsense



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