Ahoy hoy! Welcome along to a monumental version of the V2 Wrestling Podcast!

But why so monumental you ask? Because I said so!

It's the return of Adam Davey for one thing! The DAV talks about the TNA Fan Party he attended in Glasgow last week which included announcements on TNA's UK Tour of 2014 and a Q&A with President Dixie Carter.

After Mr Davey leaves us at the end of the TNA section it is just Richard "Hero" Hudson, Gavin "The Brain" Duenas and Chris "Pretty Boy" Wilkerson.

We of course have Hero's Headlines, a run through of this week's TNA Impact Wrestling and WWE's Monday Night Raw and the wonders of our world famous discussion section!

But what exactly should you expect? Well, TNA is all about a possible return for Christian Cage. Is the WWE stalwart looking at another fling with the number 2 of American wrestling? We also praise Chris Sabin's return as the man to revitalise the X-Division.

In WWE we spread a tinge of disappointment at a slow week, whilst looking forward to the Extreme Rules PPV card. Ryback, Cena and The Shield are all discussed, but the focus is the push of Daniel Bryan and the use of Kane. Are Team Hell No on the brink of Tag Team Title defeat and a team split?

Finally, our discussion sections starts off on fruit and veg and ends on opinions on the career of the Big Red Machine Kane. Not that those things are linked, we just have poor attentions spans collectively.

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05/11/2013 11:28am

Great show lads, really enjoyed the Kane discussion especially


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