A warm welcome to all of you to another fine edition of The V2 Wrestling Podcast!

We're on quite the run here at V2 and this week secured another fine, fine guest to chat wrestling with as TNA's British Boot Camp 2013 winner Rockstar Spud spoke to us all the way from sunnier climbs in America.

Dragged away from the pool, Spud told us about his experiences since signing with TNA and making his move out to the States. OVW glory, learning curves and the new Rockstar Spud were discussed as we found out all about the changes to the rising star that is Spud. 

We found a man with passion for his craft and a desire to never stop learning about the business he is thriving in. And a fan of Howard the Duck but a foe to Jar Jar Binks. 

The full Rockstar Spud interview is here. Look out for your weekly dose of Spud at ovwrestling.com and follow @RockstarSpud and @ovwrestling on Twitter for more.

We then moved on to the podcast itself, bringing together the team of Chris Wilkerson, Gavin Duenas, Richard Hudson and Paul Hinton to discuss the week that was in TNA and WWE. 

After some completely straight and devoid of puns Hero's Headlines we moved on to TNA.

Our focus was primarily this year's Bound For Glory Series, whilst also discussing Brooke Hogan and the knockouts, the role of the Director of Choas (you know, DOC) and the return of La Familia as Sting brought back the Main Event Mafia.

Around 30 minutes in (I know some of you pesky WWE fans like to skip TNA) we move onto WWE and talk about the push the company are giving everyone's favourite goat face as Daniel Bryan takes down Randy Orton on Raw.

We talk about just how far D Bryan can go, the use of the McMahons (again), CM Punk's performance with Paul Heyman, the big Money in the Bank announcements and the beginning of the build for the next PPV. 

In our world famous discussion section we discuss the legacy of AJ Styles and what potential he may have had if that WWE move had ever gone from whispers to concrete news. Did AJ miss out on a big opportunity or has he set a legendary legacy in place with his work for TNA?


Part One - TNA and WWE

Part Two - The AJ Styles Discussion


Gordon d
06/26/2013 7:27am

Spud is a legend!

Not sure about the horse sized duck though! Churchill would have been replaced by Neville chamberlain who would have been a surprise returnee surely?

Pretty Boy
06/26/2013 3:50pm


Adam d
06/26/2013 4:07pm

We have peace in our time, but the time is not now bitch.

Neville 3:16 says that one will do some whipping of posteriors. And that's the line near the end of my white paper, because, naughty nev said so

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