Welcome to this weeks podcast hosted by Adam 'Turdburglar' Davey with regular guests Gavin 'Brains' Duenas, Chris 'Pretty Boy' Wilkerson and Richard 'Hero' Hudson.

This week was most notable for the debate and complete split of opinions on the booking of Magnus, the booking decisions on WWE and the abilities of Triple H and Bret Hart. The triumphant and much loved face duo of Hero and Chris argued succinctly to squash the daft opinions of heel team Gavin and the Turdburglar. In defeat, I brand them with the name 'Turdbrains'. 

As usual the show is split into three parts consisting of our weekly round up of TNA, WWE and a hot topic of the week.

TNA kicks it off with discussion centred again around the UK shows, on where we see Magnus going, is it right for Spud to be a heel based on his height, the latest reveal for Aces and Eights and TNA going on the road.

Part 2 discusses this weeks RAW which immediately brings up the issue of economical booking, did we think the likes of Cesaro and Barrett benefit from clean losses to Ryback and Orton respectively? Also discussed was Brad Maddox's promo, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger's returns and how the final match on RAW took place two ad breaks before the end of the show.

Our final part brings up the interview Bret Hart did where he thought HHH v Taker was a 3/10 match and where we thought HHH was placed as a potential great amongst wrestling being that Bret thought there was a 1000 better wrestlers than him. Adam then makes the startling revelation that he considers Koko B Ware Bret's equal (or even higher because he had a parrot!)

We hope you enjoy it as ever and please retweet, share and spread the word on our awesomeness!

Part One - TNA

Part Two - WWE

Part Three - Debate


Andy Rees
02/07/2013 10:10am

Another great show lads. Nice to hear a bit of debate! Go turdbrains lol!!!

02/07/2013 10:57am

Could they be making Magnus face for a short time to help get Party Marty if he gets signed?

Maybe Christian York wasn't in UK for the same reason Jeff Hardy wasn't as they're mates in real life

Chris Wilkerson
02/07/2013 1:59pm

With Spud signed I would expect them to put him against Marty if he were to sign too. I'd expect Marty to start in the tags if it happened, not sure who with, although Party Marty vs. Robbie E makes a lot of sense

James Spencer
02/07/2013 10:26pm

First listen and I really enjoyed the podcast, good mix of old and new knowledge, debates were sometimes funny sometimes clever, good stuff guys

Richard Hero Hudson
02/09/2013 1:17pm

Great you enjoyed it James, how did you first hear about it?


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