Diamond Dallas Page has spent his whole career proving people wrong. From the colleagues who were baffled by his decision to train as a wrestler at 35 years old to the people who said that even Page's uniquely positive outlook on like couldn't save Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and Scott Hall from their demons.

On last Monday night's 'Old School' episode of WWE Raw, not only did Roberts make his triumphant return to television looking healthy and happy, but Dallas had the opportunity to advertise his booming DDP Yoga business to a worldwide audience of millions.

Dallas founded DDP Yoga in 2012 as a combination of traditional yoga techniques, calisthenics, and, in his words, "dynamic resistance". The company has grown into a muli-million dollar business, and he will be visiting the UK in March to spread the word.

Not only does this interview give you an insight into DDP's career, but we join him as he travels around the Los Angeles area while on a promotional tour, including some navigational issues and a trip to collect a parcel which leads to a cameo from Dallas' ex-wife Kimberley, herself a former WCW star!

Of course, the majority of the discussion focuses on his fascinating wrestling career, and Dallas talks about starting out as a manager, life on the road with the Freebirds, training to be a wrestler, the ups and downs of his relationship with Eric Bischoff, rising up the ranks in WCW, his first encounter with The Rock and his ill-fated run in WWE as a heel opposite The Undertaker. Dallas reveals what he proposed to Vince McMahon instead of that angle. He also shares details of his recent appearance on Raw, and explains why he couldn't answer the phone to me on Monday!

I'd really like to thank Dallas for his time. This interview was scheduled to run thirty minutes, and ended up going over a hundred! It provides a fascinating glimpse into the busy life of DDP. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can follow Diamond Dallas Page on twitter @RealDDP and The v2 Wrestling Podcast @v2wrestlingshow

You can also read more about DDP Yoga at www.ddpyoga.com

Details of DDP's upcoming UK tour can be found at http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/live-tour-dates-i-71.html

To listen to the show scroll to the bottom of the page or download from iTunes here (click)

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Gordon Sinclair
01/13/2014 2:14am

Fantastic interview Gavin. Great to hear someone so open and honest. Keep up the good work.

Grant Sneddon
01/13/2014 6:41am

Its good to hear more about DDP Yoga. Terrible research not having seen that video though!

Peter Stocker
01/19/2014 1:26pm

Really enjoyed the interview and the road trip experience!

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